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In Arcade Harvest you have to collect as much money as you can
by harvesting and selling apples in the time limit of 10 days.

Once you start the game, press "P" to plant the trees and alternate between pressing the left and right arrow keys to increase the growth speed of your tress. Once the apples are ready, press "H" to harvest them, but if you're not fast enough, the blue birds will eat your apples and you'll lose money! Sometimes, a Golden Apple will appear, if you click on it, you'll get 1000 points instantly! But it'll just disappear if you're not fast enough!

More information

Published2 years ago
AuthorVinicius Mateus de Miranda
TagsArcade, harvest, html5, leonardo, megavini, tree, vinicius
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

Download the game and open the index.html on your browser. If you happen to get any ActiveX/Plug-In warning, just click "Allow blocked content".

The game only works on Firefox and Internet Explorer!


Arcade Harvest.zip (3 MB)